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A local’s guide to visiting Tibidabo in Barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona and need some fresh air and a break from the city’s hustle and bustle, head to Barcelona’s tallest mountain: Tibidabo is the perfect place to go.

Home to Spain’s oldest amusement park and a church similar to the Sacré Coeur in Paris, there’s no shortage of things to do in this green spot of Barcelona. It’s an excellent place to spend half a day for adults and children.

Also, the views from the top are something else, especially at sunset.

We’ve been there several times and put together a guide with the best things to do, the main sights’ schedules, and how to get to the mountain’s top. Keep reading to discover more!

What is Tibidabo

With 512 m, Tibidabo is Barcelona’s tallest mountain, and it can be easily spotted walking around the city’s streets. This mountain forms part of the range Serra de Collserola, one of the greenest spots in Barcelona.

Although now it’s a tourist and entertainment spot, the place has always been linked to religion.

On its top stands a church that overlooks the whole city. However, most visitors venture there because of the vintage-looking amusement park and the magnificent views of Barcelona, the surroundings (including the Collserola Tower), and the coast.

Views of the Collserola Tower from Tibidabo
Views of the Collserola Tower from the church Temple del Sagrat Cor

What can you do at Tibidabo in Barcelona

The Tibidabo Amusement Park

This charming little theme park opened in 1901, making it the oldest amusement park in Spain (and the second oldest in Europe)! The cool thing is that many rides still date back to this time.

On the park, you’ll find vintage vibes, a whimsical feel, and colourful attractions that look straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

Don’t expect huge and crazy rides, though; you go to the Tibidabo Amusement Park more for the atmosphere and the views of Barcelona.

If you’re not a fan of attractions, you can still walk around a part of the park. Access to the Panoramic Area, which is the highest one and where most emblematic attractions are, is free.

💡 A brilliant idea!

Tibidabo Amusement Park is frequented mainly by children and families. But we think it’s also a great place to take someone on a special date! The retro atmosphere combined with sunset views and a picnic will make for quite an unforgettable date.

There are picnic tables between the Tibibus stop and the amusement park. So, you can enjoy your own food while admiring the sensational panoramic views!

Tibidabo Amusement Park’s main attractions

Although the park’s rides aren’t crazy, you can still enjoy some attractions. There are more than 25, and the most famous are:

  • Avió: This is one of the park’s most emblematic attractions: an aeroplane ride on a cool retro red aeroplane! This attraction opened in 1928 (almost 100 years ago!), and some original parts, like the radiotelephone station, are still used. The plane is a replica of the first plane that made a flight from Barcelona to Madrid in 1927. Another cool feature of the aircraft in the attraction is that it even uses its own propeller to circulate.
  • Carrusel: A classic carousel with horses. It has a vintage feel and children love it.
  • Giradabo: This is the colourful Ferris wheel you’ve probably seen in most photos of Tibidabo. It’s a relatively new attraction (opened in 2014) and a popular one, as it offers fantastic views of the Catalan capital.
  • Talaia: This attraction takes you to the highest point you can be in Barcelona. It’s an imposing metal structure that brings you high up in the air (551 m above sea level), leaving you hanging there for a few seconds. Incredible views are guaranteed!

You’ll also find a roller coaster, magic mirrors, and flying chairs.

👉🏼 Our tip

If you want to enjoy a huge amusement park, go to Port Aventura (located 85 km south of Barcelona). It’s the biggest theme park in Spain and the third largest in Europe.

Ferris Wheel in Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo Amusement Park opening hours

Tibidabo Amusement Park isn’t open all year round, and the schedule changes depending on the month and day. Before going, check the schedule of the day you’re planning to go.

The Panoramic Area, which you can enter for free, is open every day from March to December, on weekends in February, and on certain days in January. Make sure to check the schedule before going; we don’t want you to travel there and find it close!

Tibidabo Amusement Park cost

The entrance price is 35 € for adults and 14 € for kids less than 120 cm tall. With this ticket, you can enjoy all the attractions unlimited during the day of your visit, and it also includes a ride up and down on the funicular.

You can also purchase the Panorama Area tickets, which include unlimited rides on the most emblematic attractions (Giradabo, Talaia, Avió, Museu d’Autòmats and Carrusel). Those tickets cost 19 € for adults and 10.5 € for kids less than 120 cm tall. This ticket also includes a ride up and down on the funicular.

Alternatively, you can pay individually for some rides outside the park’s gates, including the Ferris wheel and the plane ride.

Here you can find more info and purchase the tickets.

Tibidabo viewpoint: Incredible views over Barcelona

Up for incredible views of Barcelona, its natural surroundings, and the Mediterranean Sea? Then, head to Tibidabo!

The mountain is more than 500 m above sea level and is the highest peak of the Collserola natural park (the natural park bordering Barcelona). This means one thing: it’s one of the most privileged vantage points from which you can contemplate the entire city of Barcelona.

As we mentioned, you can walk around the park for free if you do not want to go on any rides. This is absolutely worth it just for the incredible views you have.

A person enjoying the views of Barcelona from Tibidabo

Temple Expiratori del Sagrat Cor

If architecture and monuments are your cup of tea, head to Temple Expiratori del Sagrat Cor (Expiratory Temple of the Sacred Heart). This beautiful church sits splendidly at the top of Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona.

The church was built over a pretty long period, from 1902 to 1961. The construction lasted so long that it was started by a Catalan architect, Enric Sagnier, but it was his son who had to finish it!

The lowest part of the church looks more like a fortress than a religious site, making this construction quite unique. The upper part was built in a neo-Gothic style and is crowned with a bronze statue of Jesus with his arms wide open.

Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor

Visiting the church is free, and it’s worth paying a visit to the interior. We loved the light that entered through the colourful rose windows and stained glasses.

If you’re up for checking out the city from the highest viewpoint, a lift takes you there for 3.50 €. The view of Barcelona’s coastline and the city is splendid!

Inside the Temple del Sagrat Cor church in Tibidabo

Luxury stay in Gran Hotel La Florida

Besides being an emblematic building of Barcelona, which has maintained the same legendary look since 1925, the Gran Hotel La Florida is also one of Barcelona’s highest-rated luxury hotels.

Sitting at the top of a hill on the city’s outskirts, this 5-star boutique hotel is perfect for those looking for tranquillity. It has a spa, an elegant restaurant, and a heated pool. But the best are the incredible views from the rooms!

Fancy a drink on its terrace? Even if you’re not a guest, you can stop by for a cocktail on the terrace and enjoy one of the best views over Barcelona. If you want to make it more special, head there in the evening to see the entire city light up at your feet. It’s magical!

How to get to Tibidabo in Barcelona

Getting to Tibidabo is already an experience in itself! The journey to the top includes unique transports, such as a cable car or a tram from 1901, and passes through Barcelona’s most affluent residential area.

To better plan your journey, we recommend downloading the TMB app. It’s great to check information on waiting times and disruptions in real-time.

By car

The easiest way to get there is by car, although this option is not always feasible. There is plenty of space to park the car in the mountain and the price for a whole day is 13 €. If you know when you’d like to go, we recommend booking your ticket in advance.

By public transport

If you plan on going by public transport, there are various ways:

TibiBus T2B

The shuttle bus TibiBus T2B departs from Plaça Kennedy and gets you to Plaça Doctor Andreu, where the Funicular station is located. The funicular, Cuca de Llum, will take you up the mountain to the amusement park. If you prefer, you can also walk to the top of Tibidabo from Plaça Doctor Andreu, which will take you around 25 min.

The easiest way to get to Plaça Kennedy is with the L7 train, stopping at the Av. Tibidabo stop.

The TibiBus T2B is free with any Tibidabo ticket, which you can exchange at the Tibidabo Store (next to where the bus departs). The bus runs from 10.15 am until the amusement park closes, and buses leave every 10 min. Be careful cause it only runs on days when the amusement park is open.

The Funicular is free for those with a ticket to the Amusement Park or the Panoramic Area. If not, it costs 12 €.

⚠️ Important!

The shuttle bus service is only available for amusement park visitors. If you only come to mountain to enjoy the view, this is not an option for you (check the Tram section below).

TibiBus T2C

Another option is the shuttle bus TibiBus T2C, which departs from the B:SM Sant Genis Car Park (nearby the Vall d’Hebron Hospital). You can get there by tube, using lines L3 (green) and L5 (blue), stopping at the Vall d’Hebron stop.

As before, this bus gets you to Plaça Doctor Andreu, where the Funicular station is located. The funicular, Cuca de Llum, will take you up the mountain to the amusement park. If you prefer, you can also walk to the top of the mountain from Plaça Doctor Andreu, which will take you around 25 min.

The T2C bus service runs from 10:30 am to 60 minutes after closing the park, only on days when the amusement park is open. It usually departs every 30 min.

The TibuBus T2C is free for all customers of the Park buying early tickets that need to be exchanged at the ticket office outside the B:SM Sant Genís parking lot.

The Funicular is free for those with a ticket to the Amusement Park or the Panoramic Area. If not, it costs 12 €.

⚠️ Important!

The shuttle bus service is only available for amusement park visitors. If you only come to the mountain to enjoy the view, this is not an option for you (check the Tram section below).

By tram (Tramvia Blau)

To us, this is the most beautiful way to get to the foot of Tibidabo mountain. The iconic Tramvia Blau takes you up 93 m over 1.276 m, between the metro station Av. Tibidabo and the Funicular station.

The small blue tram was opened in 1901, along with the funicular, to provide passengers with a way to get to the magical theme park on top of the mountain.

Along the ride, you’ll pass through Barcelona’s most affluent residential area. You can enjoy views of the mansions on Avinguda Tibidabo, a wide avenue where the rich lived during the bourgeois era. This avenue hasn’t changed in the past 100 years, so a ride around makes you travel back to the 70s and 80s.

The journey lasts around 7 min and finishes at the Funicular station. Once there, you can take the funicular (12 €) or walk for approximately 25 minutes to get to the top.

The easiest way to get to the starting point of the Tramvia Blau is with the L7 train, stopping at the Av. Tibidabo stop.

Depending on the day and season, you might have to queue for the tram, but the trips run regularly (every 15-30 min). Also, the tram looks smaller than it is, and it’s filled to the brim, so it can actually fit quite a lot of people! In busy times, you probably have to stand if you’re towards the end of the queue.

⚠️ Important!

Currently, the Tramvia Blau is closed due to renovation work. Instead, take bus 196, which covers the same route. This bus departs from the Av. Tibidabo station and reaches the Funicular station (Pl del Doctor Andreu – Funicular del Tibidabo stop).

Things to know before you go

🗓 Plan your visit

Plan at least half a day for visiting Tibidabo while you’re in Barcelona. Keep in mind that getting to and from it from the city centre takes some time and, once there, you’ll want to soak the views and take some time to explore the amusement park, the church, and the surroundings.

🌯 Food

There are not many options to buy food and drinks once you are on top, and most of them are pretty expensive for what you get due to the location.

If you can plan ahead, we suggest bringing your own picnic and eating it at one of the picnic areas within the Panoramic Area.

If you want to grab something to eat last minute before going up the mountain, we recommend two places. One is the Ametller Origen shop next to Av. Tibidabo station. It’s a small supermarket with high-quality products. The second option is Llegums cuits Benet, also nearby the station, where you can grab takeaway meals.

🕓 Schedule

Keep in mind to check the time and be mindful of the closing time of the amusement park as queues grow large for the return ride on the funicular. We don’t want you to be left on the mountain!

👕 Clothing

Keep in mind that it can get windy and chilly if you’re not going in summer, so it’s a good idea to bring a jacket.

Three people admiring the Temple del Sagrat Cor in Tibidabo

When to visit Tibidabo in Barcelona

If you plan on going to Tibidabo Amusement Park, be aware that it’s not open year-round.

Since the schedule is somewhat irregular, please don’t get to the amusement park before having checked it! Here are the park’s schedule and the Panoramic Area schedule.

If you don’t want to go on any ride but enjoy the views and take pictures, the best time is early morning or evening, when there are fewer crowds.

Jesus statue on top of the Temple del Sagrat Cor

We hope this guide has encouraged you to visit Tibidabo and its surroundings on your next trip to Barcelona! Tell us about your experience once you’re back!

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