Struggling to plan your trip, and need a local to give you insight?

Hop on the phone with us and get all the answers and help you need to have a trip of a lifetime here in Catalonia.  

Planning a trip but have some questions?

A person jumping in the during the Comapedrosa descend

Save time (and headaches!)

You can spend hours researching to find the answer, have 20 tabs open in your search bar, battle with Google Translate to understand a few paragraphs in Catalan, watch hours of YouTube videos to decide if a place deserves your time, go through blogs of non-locals that all highlight the same spots…

But we have a better option. Our planning consultations will help you solve all your doubts in just 60 minutes. No struggles, no stress, no time wasted.

Get specifically what you need

Every consultation is unique and is customised entirely to you and your trip.

Maybe you are visiting Catalonia for the first time and have no idea about the country. Perhaps you have already started mapping out your perfect itinerary, but somehow it doesn’t add up? Or maybe you want to ask about specific destinations, what to pack, ways to connect to local culture, etc.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered.

Views from the Font Blanca peak in Andorra
Sandwich and drink at the Italian restaurant Bodega Santo Porcello in Barcelona

Get local insights

Think of us as your in-the-know friend abroad, who’ve already done the legwork so you don’t have to.

We listen to family, friends, and people we trust about their favourite places. We check them out ourselves and get to know the people behind the business. So, you can rest assure, that we will only give you recommendations based on first-hand experiences.

Forget about taking notes

We will send you a document at the end of the call with the main points we’ve discussed and covered.

No need to furiously take notes during the call, or remember weird Catalan names that you can’t even start to write down.

A notebook to plan a trip

What’s included

📲 60-min call to solve all your doubts and/or help plan your itinerary

📝 A detailed guide with all the info mentioned (within 2-3 days)

🗺️ 10% discount in our interactive map guide

How it works

1️⃣ Book a 60-min call with us at a time that suits you

2️⃣ Jump on Google Meet on the day of the call

3️⃣ After our session, I’ll send you a detailed guide via email

Investment: 159 € for one 60-min call

Don’t just take our word for it

I’ll always remember the trip to Barcelona having Marina and Marc as my guide. They planned my 2 days there so wisely that I could see most of the significant spots of the city, which were all a sight of wonders: the Sagrada Família, the Gaudí park, Montjuïc…

They also let me experience the local vibes, visiting a square where the young locals often hang out. I enjoyed our walk to the beach as I could have a close look at the neighborhoods, the local stores and bought a chorizo sandwich to enjoy after dipping in the sea. In between visiting the places were times for trying lots of delicious local food.

Overall the experience felt so complete yet wanting to return for more. I can’t wait to have another trip planned by Marina and Marc.

Han, Vietnam

My friends and I had a blast in Barcelona thanks to Marina’s amazing travel tips and planning.

The best thing is that we saw the city through the eyes of a local: we saw gorgeous places and took part to events that we would have never discovered otherwise. The cherry on the top: the most amazing food in cosy local restaurants far away from the touristy eye!

We would recommend Marina in a heartbeat to anyone that wants to have an authentic experience!

Dilu, UK


What can I ask during the call?
Whatever you think you need to know to enjoy your next trip!

Some examples are:

  • Brainstorming: Whether you’re planning a foodie experience, an outdoor adventure, or a wellness retreat, we can advise you on the best regions to do so, give you ideas, and help you craft your perfect getaway.
  • Specific questions: Where can I get the best vermut (vermouth) in town?, What special accommodation could we stay at for my wife’s birthday?, or Which is the best supermarket to buy gluten-free food? You can ask for specific hotel or restaurant suggestions tailored to your budget and preferences or for local experiences or off-the-beaten-path adventures.
  • Itinerary checking: Have us look over your current itinerary and see if it makes sense. We can help you refine it by filling the gaps or suggesting improvements.
What can I expect from the call?
You can expect advice and tips that are:

    • Personalised: Every consultation is unique and is customised entirely to you and your trip. Before your consultation, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire, and we’ll use your responses to prepare personalised recommendations. When you get on your call, we’ll be ready with ideas perfectly tailored to your interests and travel style.
    • Tested: All our recommendations come from experience. We won’t tell you anything we haven’t tried ourselves.
    • Honest: You can rest assured that you’re getting real info with no hidden motives. We tell you the things as they are, and we have no problem letting you know when something won’t fit your trip.
    What if you don't have the answer to my question?

    We know enough to solve more than 90% of your questions. Still, by memory, we don’t know the train schedule to go to Olot or where to buy alga nori in La Cerdanya!

    If there is something we can not answer during the call, we will do the research and include the answer in the PDF document we send after the call.

    What if I forget to ask something?

    Don’t panic! If there’s something that’s still not clear after the call, you’ll be able to reach out to us after the call.

    Do I need to install any software for the call?

    No, you don’t need anything special. We use Google Meet for video conferences.

    However, to open the link in the browser and grant access to the camera, you may need a modern browser (ideally Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Then, you just need to visit the videoconference link on your browser, grant permission to the camera and mic, and you are ready to start!

    What are the available days/hours for the call?

    The trip planning consultations can be scheduled on weekdays, Monday to Friday. You’ll see in the calendar that not all hours in all time zones may be available, only those where we have availability.

    If you cannot make a reservation for an appropriate date and time in your timezone, please, contact us.

    Can I record the call?

    To protect your privacy (and ours!) and comply with the GDPR legislation, it’s not allowed to record the consulting session.

    We won’t record the sessions either, and all the info and questions you may have are private.

    Why hire this service if I can find the info online?

    The main reason is that you’ll skip hours of research, and dozens of tabs open simultaneously in your browser. We want to remove all the stress from planning your trip, so you can dedicate these hours to enjoying life!

    Besides, you’ll be confident that the info you get is up to date and tailored to your preferences.

    Have your itinerary reviewed, your doubts solved, or a session of brainstorming for 159 €

    If you have any questions just contact us 📨