The Pyrenees spans such a vast region, it’s hard to summarise it in just a few sentences.

The border with France is dominated by towering peaks, some reaching more than 3.000 m in altitude. It’s a good place for hikingcycling (both road cycling through mountain passes or MTB), swimming in cold mountain lakes, wildlife watching, and skiing. Actually, the Catalan Pyrenees are home to 9 ski resorts.

In the Pyrenees, you’ll also find the best rafting and canyoneering in Catalonia, and you’ll surely enjoy impressive views if you decide to traverse a via ferrata. All in all, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, don’t think twice.

But, if tall mountains are not your thing, the Pyrenees are also home to ancient villages and the only volcanic area in Catalonia.

Oh, and we almost forget to tell you about the food! Mushrooms, cured meats, stews, goat’s cheese,… It all tastes as good as Grandma’s comfort food.

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