Western Catalonia

We believe there are fewer things to see in Western Catalonia than in the other regions in our country. Still, this area has some sights (and foods) we love, and you can’t find them in any other part of the territory.

When talking about the West, picture vast amounts of crop and fruit tree fields. It’s also one of the main areas for nuts and olive oil cultivation. So, you can imagine the food there must be good! Wait until you try the coca de recapte, the cargols a la llauna, or the panadons.

Western Catalonia is a land of deep-rooted traditions, and on the right dates, you can discover them first-hand. We’re talking about an international market for performing arts (theatre fans, write it down!), a crazy witches’ sabbath, or the biggest gastronomic event dedicated to snails.

For nature lovers, this region offers an area of reservoirs and gorges, ideal for exploring by MTBhikingkayaking, and climbing. At night, look at the sky; this is an excellent place for stargazing.

If you’re looking for in-depth guides to help you prepare for your next trip to Western Catalonia, here is where you’ll find them!