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Skiing in Andorra: A guide to the best ski resorts in the country

Did you know that there are only about 200 km of paved roads in Andorra, but about 300 km of ski slopes? As you can imagine, this tiny country is an excellent place for skiing. Andorra’s ski resorts are world-class: their slopes are well-groomed, the terrain is varied, and the sun is shining most of the time!

We have been skiing in Andorra since we were 3 y.o., and we’ve tried all the ski resorts there. We’re now ready to put all our knowledge in this post. Read on for our favourites.

*This post has been updated for the 2023-2024 ski season.

Ski resorts in Andorra

Vallnord – Pal Arinsal

  • Skiable terrain: 63 km
  • Runs: 44 (6 green, 17 blue, 17 red and 4 black)
  • Ski mountaineering trails: 7 itineraries
  • Snowpark: Yes
  • Price: 49.50 € adults, 44.50 € junior, 39.50 € kids

This family-friendly Andorran resort has 59 slopes with a total length of 63 kilometres for skiers to explore. Vallnord – Pal Arinsal has beginner slopes with gentle grades and easy to follow trails as well as more difficult slopes with high vertical drops and steep pitches for advanced skiers.

The resort consists of two connected sectors (Pal and Arinsal), offering many different skiing styles to keep everyone happy. The two sectors are connected via cable car, and the ski pass is valid for both.

If you are into freestyle, then Arinsal is definitely your place! It has a big snow park, one of the most renowned spaces in this modality in southern Europe. Both beginners and experts can enjoy the snow park, as it’s divided into 3 areas: one for people starting out in this modality, another for intermediate level and the third for those who already master the technique and are looking to perfect their tricks. 

How to get to Pal-Arinsal ski resort

To reach the Pal sector, we always opt for taking the cable car from La Massana (which is free of charge with the ski pass and takes about 10 min from the village to the ski resort).

If you’re in another city/village (such as Andorra La Vella, Escales or Erts), there’s a free bus that takes you directly to the slopes. Check here the bus stops and timetable.

To reach the Arinsal sector, there’s a cable car from the village of Arinsal (also free of charge with the ski pass). The bus mentioned before also runs from La Massana to Arinsal, with some stops along the way.

The ski resort of Pal in Andorra


  • Skiable terrain: 30.5 km
  • Runs: 28 (9 green, 7 blue, 10 red, 2 black) + freeride area
  • Ski mountaineering trails: 3 itineraries
  • Snowpark: No
  • Price: 45.50 € adults, 41 € junior, 38.50 € kids, 28.50 € seniors and beginners, and babies free

Ordino-Arcalís is a ski resort that offers high-quality and abundant snow due to its orientation and orography. The resort is nestled between mountains of almost 3.000 m and has a south-north orientation, so it manages to accumulate snow from all fronts coming from the northwest, north and west. For those reasons, the resort is commonly known as “La Nevera” (The Fridge) o “Arcalaska” (Arcalís + Alaska).

One of the things we like the most about Ordino-Arcalís is that it’s a paradise for freeriders. It has many different freeride areas, ranging from beginner to expert ones. Even the Freeride World Cup takes place there! 

We highly recommend this resort to intermediate and advanced skiers looking for challenging and fun runs. However, beginners will also be happy in this resort. They will surely enjoy the “megaverda”, an ideal slope for debutants that runs for 8.4 km. 

How to get to Ordino-Arcalís ski resort

It’s worth mentioning that this ski resort is relatively isolated compared to the rest. It’s located the furthest from the large centres, such as Andorra La Vella. No cable car takes you from the village of Ordino to the ski resort, so your only options are to take the car or the bus.

The bus is free for holders of ski passes and stops at most villages between Ordino and Pas de la Casa, including Andorra La Vella. Check here the bus timetable and stops. The good thing about its isolation is that this ski resort tends to be less crowded than the others.

👌🏼 Our tip

If you’re thinking about driving to the ski resort after a snowfall, make sure you carry snow chains in the car. To reach the ski resort, you’ll have to pass through a mandatory section of mountain road, and usually, there’s police supervising that only vehicles with chains can pass.

A person skiing in the ski resort Ordino in Andorra


  • Skiable terrain: 210 km
  • Runs: 139 (24 green, 55 blue, 41 red, 19 black)
  • Ski mountaineering trails: 16 itineraries
  • Snowpark: 3 (one is opened at nightime)
  • Price: 64 € adult, 55 € junior, 42 € child, 30% discount for senior (there’s also the option of buying half day passes, both morning and afternoon ones)

Grandvalira is the largest resort in the Pyrenees and one of the largest in Europe. It’s a resort consisting of seven sectors, all of them interconnected by ski lifts and enjoyable under the same ski pass. Here’s a sneak peak into the different sectors:

Encamp sector

The first access to the ski resort if you’re coming from Spain. It’s also the sector closest to Andorra la Vella, only 7 km away from the country’s capital.

You can reach Encamp’s slopes via a 6 km-long gondola lift, named Funicamp. It starts in the town of Encamp and it will take you to the snow in 15 mins. Once you reach the ski resort, take a look at the views. They’re one of the best panoramic views of the whole ski resort! To get to the Funicamp, you can use the Funibus, a free bus connecting the town and the gondola lift.

Canillo sector

Easy slopes perfect for families and beginners. This sector can be reached with a cable car from the small mountain village of Canillo.

El Tarter sector

This sector is oriented to the practice of the most extreme winter sports. The crowning jewel of this sector is the Snowpark El Tarter, which has the longest line of modules in the Pyrenees, and one of the longest in Europe. That’s probably enough action to keep you content!

In this sector, you’ll also find the après-ski meeting place par excellence in Grandvalira. It’s the restaurant terrace L’Abarset, and après-ski lovers will be delighted with its range of concerts and parties.

This part of the ski resort can be reached by car (there’s a big parking lot in front of the ski lift) or by foot if you’re in the village of El Tarter.

Soldeu sector

A sector characterised by wide slopes and the most extreme descents is perfect for skiers looking for something adventurous and challenging! Here, you’ll find the legendary slope “Avet”, with a 78% incline!

It’s also one of the few ski sectors in Europe where you can ski right up to your hotel door. 

Peretol sector

The newest (and smallest) sector of Grandvalira ski resort. But don’t let its size fool you! This sector is home to the only snowpark in the Pyrenees to open in the evenings. For all lovers of tricks that want to continue practising after the sun has set, the snowpark Sunset Park Peretol Henrik Harlaut is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 3 pm to 9 pm.

It’s home to the longest chairlift in Andorra, the Pla de les Pedres chairlift.

To access this sector, you can do it by car or bus. There’s a free shuttle service for all skiers staying in Bordes d’Envalira. The shuttle operates from 9 am to 5 pm, with services approximately every 20 minutes. The longest chairlift in Andorra, the Pla de les Pedres chairlift, connects this sector with the rest of the ski resort.

Grau Roig sector

This sector is a paradise for those who enjoy freeriding and ski mountaineering. It’s one of the wildest sectors and the views are breathtaking. Grau Roig has slopes suitable for all levels, and kids will surely enjoy the areas decorated with friendly animal characters.

This sector is also home to another snowpark, named Sunrise Park Xavi, ideal for those who would like to get started in the world of freestyle.

Grau Roig is where you need to go should you wish to perfect your skiing speed. It has the only Speed Skiing slope approved in the Iberian Peninsula, the permanent Speed Skiing World Cup venue.

Pas de la Casa sector

As the highest resort in the Pyrenees, it can stay open and snow-blanketed right up until the end of April.

It’s an excellent sector for intermediate and advanced skiers, but beginners will also enjoy its wide and long green and blue slopes.

For the ones that aren’t tired after a day of ski and need to keep moving their body, Pas de la Casa is an ideal place. Its nightlife is also one of the most dynamic in the country, with large parties and many pubs.

What we love the most about Pas de la Casa is that it offers the possibility to ski at night. Two slopes, suitable for all levels, are illuminated, and the ski lift runs on Thursdays and Saturdays from 5 pm to 8 pm at no extra cost (if you have purchased the All Day, Multi-Day, Season and Plus+ ski pass).

When it comes to buying your next ski pass, you should keep some things in mind. In 2021, Ordino-Arcalís was integrated into the Grandvalira Resort brand, and so did Pal-Arinsal in 2022. So, all the ski resorts in Andorra are now under the same brand, meaning that there are ski passes that give you access to more than one ski resort.

Andorra ski resort prices

When it comes to buying your next ski pass, you should keep some things in mind. In 2021, Ordino-Arcalís was integrated into the Grandvalira Resort brand, and so did Pal-Arinsal in 2022. So, all the ski resorts in Andorra are now under the same brand, meaning that there are ski passes that give you access to more than one ski resort.

Half day ski passes

Ski pass typePal ArinsalGrandvaliraOrdino Arcalís
Morning pass (9 to 1 pm)51.5 €(adult)
44 € (junior)
40 € (child)
Afternoon pass (1 to 5 pm)51.5 €(adult)
44 € (junior)
40 € (child)

1 day ski passes

Ski pass typePal ArinsalGrandvaliraOrdino Arcalís
Adult pass (18-64 y.o.)49.50 €64 €45.50 €
Baby pass (5 or less y.o.)FreeFreeFree
Child pass (6-11 y.o.)39.50 €42 €38.50 €
Junior pass (12-17 y.o.)44.50 €55 €41 €
Senior Gold pass (75 or more y.o.)FreeFreeFree
Beginner34 €41 €28.50 €

Multi-day ski passes

Ski pass typePal ArinsalGrandvaliraOrdino Arcalís
2 days90 € (adult)
81 € (junior)
76 (child)
124 € (adult)
106 € (junior)
79 € (child)
90 € (adult)
81 € (junior)
76 € (child)
3 days135 € (adult)
121.5 € (junior)
114 € (child)
186 € (adult)
159 € (junior)
118.5 € (child)
135 € (adult)
121.5 € (junior)
114 (child)
4 days192 € (adult)
172 € (junior)
162 € (child)
248 € (adult)
212 € (junior)
158 € (child)
192 € (adult)
172 € (junior)
162 € (child)
5 days240 € (adult)
215 € (junior)
202.5 € (child)
300 € (adult)
250 € (junior)
190 € (child)
240 € (adult)
215 € (junior)
202.5 € (child)
6 days288 € (adult)
258 € (junior)
243 € (child)
360 € (adult)
300 € (junior)
228 € (child)
288 € (adult)
258 € (junior)
243 € (child)
7 days336 € (adult)
301 € (junior)
283.5 € (child)
420 € (adult)
350 € (junior)
266 € (child)
336 € (adult)
301 € (junior)
283.5 € (child)
8 days 384 € (adult)
344 € (junior)
324 € (child)
480 € (adult)
400 € (junior)
304 € (child)
384 € (adult)
344 € (junior)
324 € (child)
The Nord Pass ski pass is valid in both Pal-Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís, whereas the Grandvalira ski pass is valid in all the resorts in Andorra.

⚠️ Important!

The insurance is not added in the price of the ski pass. If you want it (highly recommended), you have to purchase it when you buy the ski pass, and it costs 6.20 € per day.

Two people snowboarding in Pal Arinsal ski resort

How to get to the ski resorts for free with your ski pass

If you’re coming to Andorra and don’t plan on renting a car, there are plenty of options to get to the ski resorts. Here we explain to you the free ones, if you hold a ski pass.

Cable cars

We’ve mentioned before the cable cars: one in La Massana (to go to Pal Arinsal ski resort), one in Encamp (to go to Grandvalira ski resort), and one in Arinsal (to go to Pal Arinsal ski resort). Those are free for people holding a ski pass.

Andorra ski bus: Free buses from Andorra to the slopes

If you’re not in one of the villages with a cable car, you still can get to the slopes for free by taking the buses. 3 different buses go to the ski resorts:

  • Vallnord Freebus: That’s your choice if you’re skiing at Pal Arinsal resort. There are two lines, one that goes from Andorra La Vella to La Massana, and another from La Massana to Arinsal.
  • Ordino Arcalís Free Bus: That’s your choice if you’re skiing at Ordino Arcalís resort. This bus goes from Andorra La Vella to the ski resort, stopping at the Funicamp (Encamp), La Massana, Anyós, Ordino, Llorts and El Serrat. You’ll also take this bus if you’re in Andorra La Vella and skiing in the Gradvalira ski resort. You’ll get down at the Funicamp stop and then take the cable car to the slopes.
  • Ordino Arcalís circular bus: This bus runs between the village of Ordino and the Ordino Arcalís ski resort. It stops in the following villages: Ordino, Sornàs, Ansalonga, La Cortinada, Llorts, and El Serrat.
  • Gradvalira Free Bus: This is your choice if you’re skiing in Grandvalira or Ordino Arcalís resorts and are staying in: Bordes d’Envalira, Soldeu, El Tarter, Canillo, Encamp, La Massana, or Ordino.

Final thoughts on the excellent skiing opportunities in Andorra!

The well-maintained slopes and lifts make Andorra an excellent place to spend your winter holidays if you love skiing! The resorts provide everything from beginner to expert level slopes, catering to all types of skiers.

If you visit any of them, let us know; we’d love to know what you think. Happy ski season!

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