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Five easy winter hikes in Andorra

Andorra is the perfect place to get started in the world of winter hiking. The mountain air is crisp and fresh, and no matter where you look, the views are spectacular. Are you looking for easy-friendly winter hikes in this country? The list we’ve prepared will be just what you need!

If you’re a beginner, these trails are excellent to practise your winter hiking skills. If you’re already an expert, these will be pleasant hikes for the days you want to take it easy.

So, grab your hiking boots, a map, and some water, and get ready to immerse yourself in stunning white landscapes!

⚠️ Important!

The hikes we mention below don’t occur at high altitudes in the mountains. Therefore, snow will only be present after a snowfall. In some of the hikes (Tomb del Turer, Camí de l’Obac d’Incles, and Ruta del Ferro), it’s a good idea to use microspikes as the track can be icy.

Five easy winter hikes in Andorra

1. Camí Ral and Rec del Solà

📍Starting point: La Massana
↔️ Distance: 6.72 km
⬆️ Elevation gain: 34 m
⬇️ Elevation loss: 167 m
🧭 Wikiloc track

This is an uncomplicated hike that has two parts. The first part, the Camí Ral, descends from the village of La Massana to the country’s capital, Andorra La Vella. The trail follows the course of the Valira d’Orient river, descending next to it. It’s surprising how isolated you feel during this hike, even though you’re surrounded by roads.

During this section, you’ll pass by a couple of old stone bridges and a little church. Next to one of the bridges, there’s a selfie point from which you can take a beautiful photo.

The second part, the Rec del Solà, is almost flat. This section follows the irrigation channel that crosses Andorra La Vella. While strolling there, you’ll see a large number of veggie gardens where the locals grow their own food. Those gardens contrast with the crowded streets of the city centre, located a few meters away.

If you keep walking, you’ll get to a picnic spot with a magnificent view over the city of Andorra La Vella and the mountains surrounding it.

The hike finishes at Andorra La Vella. If you need to return to La Massana, you can either walk the same track or use public transport. You can take line L5 or the line L6.

2. Tomb del Turer

📍Starting point: Ordino (carrer del Turer)
↔️ Distance: 3.35 km (circular)
⬆️ Elevation gain: 211 m
🧭 Wikiloc track

This beautiful circular hike will take you to a lookout with impressive views of Ordino and La Massana’s villages and all the mountains surrounding them. 

The trail starts in Ordino, and it quickly ascends through a lush forest. Halfway through the climb, you’ll find a sign indicating the lookout “Mirador del Turer”. It’s a nice spot to take a break and absorb the views while eating a snack or sipping a warm drink.

Once you leave the lookout, the trail keeps ascending. This time the terrain is rockier, and you might need to use your hands a couple of times. After a while, the trail disappears into the forest again. It’s time to descent!

Once you’re getting closer to Ordino, you’ll find another lookout. We haven’t tried it yet, but we bet the views at sunset from this lookout have to be fabulous! Then, the trail follows a river and passes by some pretty houses before reaching the starting point again.

Views from the Mirador del Turer lookout

3. Camí de l’Obac d’Incles

📍Starting point: Parking area in the Vall d’Incles
↔️ Distance: 2.82 km
⬆️ Elevation gain: 99 m
🧭 Wikiloc track

⚠️ Important!

This is the only hike mentioned in this post that is covered in snow all winter, not only after a snowfall. If you would like to try snowshoes, this is a good place to do so, although they aren’t necessary.

The Vall d’Incles is a valley of glacial origin and remains an unspoiled landscape except for a few mountain huts (known as bordes in Catalan) and some small stone bridges. There’re only two ways of accessing the valley. One follows the main road (which in winter is covered in snow), and the other is hiking the Camí de l’Obac d’Incles.

This hike runs through the shady side of the Incles valley, following the course of the Incles river. The beauty of the place is striking. On one side, you’ll see the river and the bordes, and on the other side the forest. The flat trail will take you to the deepest part of the valley, where most trails that take you to higher altitudes start.

The return to the parking lot can be through the same trail or the main road. On the way back, pay attention, and you’ll see the slopes of Grandvalira ski resort. Can you spot the two runs crossing in an X shape (which inspired the logo of the ski resort)?

4. Ruta del Ferro

📍Starting point: Llorts
↔️ Distance: 4.2 km
⬆️ Elevation gain: 126 m
⬇️ Elevation loss: 22 m
🧭 Wikiloc track

This is a great activity to spend half a day outdoors and learn about the history of Andorra at the same time. The Ruta del Ferro (Iron route) is an easy walk that combines nature and culture, where you’ll discover the importance of the metal industry in Andorra. It was one of the most important activities from the 17th century until the end of the 19th century.

Along the trail, you’ll see various sculptures explaining the extraction, the transformation, and the sale of the iron in Andorra. No need to say that the statues are made, of course, of iron!

The Ruta del Ferro begins at the Mina de Llorts, an old iron mine that goes 30 m deep. The mine can only be visited in summer. If you’re getting there by car, there’s a parking lot next to the mine. The first part of the trail is mostly flat, whereas the second is slightly uphill. To not get lost, follow the red and white signs. The trail ends at La Cortinada, where there’s a beautiful church and two old mills.

Ruta del Ferro winter hike in Andorra

5. La Massana to Cortals de Sispony

📍Starting point: La Massana
↔️ Distance: 8.4 km (circular)
⬆️ Elevation gain: 368 m
🧭 Wikiloc track

If you want to experience a true winter wonderland, head to this trail after a snowfall. The first part of the trail ascends through the forest. The snow gives a magical feel to the forest: trees covered in white and touches of green and brown all over the place.

Once you’re close to the Cortals de Sispony, you’ll see two rural houses. Then, it’s time to make your way back. You can either do so through the same path or make a circular hike.

If you choose the second option, the forest disappears, giving place to open fields and lovely views of the mountains around. After some km, you’ll reach the village of Sispony to finally get to La Massana again.

👌🏼 Our tip

If you’re a fan of jam, you can take a quick detour to the little shop El Pastador, in Sispony. It’s a small family company that produces jams, chutney, and jellies made 100% with natural ingredients. They use 0 preservatives or colourings. Their jams have been awarded 3 prestigious international prizes as part of The World’s Original Marmalade Awards!

The hike is well-signposted with yellow circular marks (although if they are on the rocks, you might miss them due to the snow!) and signs with the names of the villages.

A person passing by a sign indicating the hike to Sispony

Quick list of things to take into account when doing a winter hike in Andorra

🗺 Planning

Before hiking in winter, the first thing you should do is get a map and plan your route. This will help you avoid getting lost and make sure that you don’t miss any of the best parts of the hike.

🥾 Footwear

Always wear waterproof hiking boots to do these hikes. If there’s a lot of snow, it can also be helpful to wear waterproof gaiters to prevent the snow from entering inside your shoes and keep your trousers dry.

🧤 Clothing

The next thing to do is wear the appropriate clothes for hiking in winter. You should be like an onion: dressed in layers. This will help to keep your body warm and dry. As a general rule, we recommend wearing a breathable base layer and hiking pants or fleece-lined leggings. If you get cold quickly, a good idea might be to wear thermal leggings or tights below the hiking pants. That might be enough to keep you warm on the uphill (when you’re doing the most exercise), but it’s likely that you’ll also need some extra clothing on the way down, especially on colder days. A lightweight jacket or fleece layer will do.

🌨 Weather and avalanches

Before heading to the trailhead, always check the weather and the risk of avalanches. Although the risk is almost zero in the hikes we’ve mentioned here, it’s always good to have this habit.

A person doing a winter hike in Andorra

We hope this guide helps you experience the magic of hiking during winter and discover stunning landscapes covered in white in Andorra. Do you know any other easy winter hikes to do in the country?

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