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Hiking the Casamanya: A beginner-friendly adventure in the heart of Andorra

There are many amazing hikes in Andorra, and one of our favourites is the Casamanya. A classic amongst locals, this hilly peak is a relatively easy adventure for the warmer months.

The views from the top are absolutely mind-blowing, as the peak is located in the heart of the country, from where you can admire all the surrounding mountain ranges.

All in all, it’s the perfect hike for a morning with the family, an adventure with friends, or a sunset expedition!

We’ve done it so many times we’ve lost count (!), and here we’ll share all the tips on how to get there, when to go, how the hike is, and more, so you’re ready to enjoy this amazing hike!

Technical details

🥾 Distance: 3.58 km one way
🟢 Level: Easy-Moderate
⬆️ Elevation gain: 754 m
Duration: Half day. But it depends on the number of stops you make and pictures you take!
🗓 When to go: The hiking season in Andorra usually goes from May to October. From November to April the Casamanya is usually covered in snow, so snowshoes, spikes, or mountaineering skis are needed (depending on the amount of snow!).

🧭 Wikiloc track

You can check the track of this hike on our Wikiloc profile.

Flowers we found during the hike at the Casamanya peak

Location of the Casamanya and how to get there

The Casamanya mountain separates the villages of Ordino and Canillo, and the route to get to the peak starts at the parking of the mountain pass Coll d’Ordino. You can access it through the mountain road connecting Ordino and Canillo (Carretera de Montaup).

You can get to the trailhead by car or public transport. A bus runs from Ordino to the trailhead and back several times daily (blue line on the map).

The hike to the Casamanya peak

The hike to get to the Casamanya peak starts at the Coll d’Ordino. Across the parking lot, you’ll see a wooden sign pointing you to the beginning of the route. The hike is signed with yellow dots, so follow them, and you’ll know you’re on the right track!

⚠️ Important!

Be careful in this forest because, as the sign indicates, there are lots of common monkshood or blue anapelo, one of the most toxic plants in Europe. A small dose can be deadly, so despite being very pretty, better not touch it!

Sign indicating the path to the Casamanya peak

During the first half an hour, the path unwinds through a beautiful forest of mountain pines.

In the beginning, the path unwinds through a beautiful forest of mountain pines, which makes this first part of the hike very enjoyable.

A person hiking through the forest on her way to the Casamanya peak

You’ll slowly be gaining altitude and, after half an hour or so, you’ll leave the forest behind. The fields of vision opens up and you’ll get the first nice views of the mountain village La Massana and the mountain ranges surrounding it.

Time to get to the forest again! Another woody stretch without any difficulty and you’ll soon find yourself leaving the forest for true. From this point onwards, the vegetation disappears, giving place to wide-open spaces.

From here, it seems that you can already spot the Casamanya peak, but it’s just a false one! One thing about the Casamanya is that there are a lot of hills before reaching the peak. When you’re climbing, it seems you’re close to the peak, but you’ll reach the top of the hill just to see that there’s another one in front of you. So don’t be fooled by the false peaks!

Views of the Casamanya from the hiking trail

Up to the top, you’ll be following the wide mountain ridge, climbing grassy slopes that get steeper and steeper as you gain altitude. Don’t forget to pause an enjoy the breathtaking views!

A hiker climbing to the Casamanya peak

As you come to the last part, you’ll encounter a short steep section. This is the most difficult part of the hike… Don’t worry though, it will be over before you know it!

From here, you’ll finally be able to spot the peak. There’s a pile of stones stacked as a milestone and a small iron monument. Now, it’s just a matter of hiking the last 200 m and getting there.

Casamanya peak

Once at the top, the views are spectacular. Just imagine a mountain landscape that never ends. You’ll see the Comapedrosa (the highest peak in Andorra) to the west, along with many other peaks of Andorra, Catalonia, and France.

Endless mountain views from the Casamanya peak

The way back is done following the same track. The whole excursion lasts around 4 hours, and it’s suitable for everyone with energy and motivation!

Things to take into account when hiking the Casamanya

🧴 Once you leave the forest, you won’t find any shadow anymore, so grabbing plenty of water, sunscreen (reef-friendly!), and a cap or hat is a great idea. If hiking on a scorching day, starting early in the morning or late in the afternoon might be your best bet to avoid sweating like a pig!

💦 There are no streams or lakes on this trek, so be sure to take enough water with you.

🌬Even though you hike in summer, it’s never a bad idea to take a windproof jacket cause it can be windy on top. Also, an extra layer might come in handy as the weather in the mountains can change quickly.

Adventure upgrade 👌🏼

Want to upgrade your adventure? Then, climb the Casamanya at sunset and enjoy a picnic on top! We promise spectacular views, a wonderful sunset, and many stars on the way down.

The views from the Casamanya peak at sunset

If you do so, don’t forget to grab a head torch (a charged one!), extra snacks, and some layers. Even if you hike in summer, temperatures at night drop drastically, so make sure to factor this in when packing for your trip.

Also, go with plenty of time to get to the peak before sunset. You don’t wanna miss the views from the top because you’re still hiking!

The last time we hiked the Casamanya, we climbed the peak in time to watch a spectacular sunset. The light was magical as we went up the mountain, and once at the top, we were rewarded with a sky that turned from blue, to pink, to orange, purple and an intense red. It was so beautiful!

Time to take the snacks out and enjoy a picnic while we watched the Via Pirinenca (an event where residents lighted up over 300 peaks throughout the Pyrenees).

We returned surrounded by darkness and under a starry sky. It was incredible. Also, we found a lot of fireflies on the way down, which made the experience even more magical.

Hiking the Casamanya peak (Andorra) at night

We hope this guide helps you experience the magic of hiking the Casamanya and enjoy its scenic views. For more ideas on what to do in Andorra and how to plan your trip, check out our entire Andorra collection.

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