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10 things to do in Girona to discover the city like a local

From an incredible historical centre to a vibrant atmosphere, there are plenty of things to do in Girona.

This gorgeous city is worth at least some hours of your time to discover its rich history, delicious food, and beautiful architecture.

Also, it’s a perfect day trip from Barcelona, and the city has a privileged location as it’s close to most of the touristic destinations in Catalonia, such as the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava beaches.

We’ve been there many times and have put together a guide showing our favourite things to do in Girona and the reasons why you should add this medieval city to your itinerary. Keep scrolling to know more!

Best things to do in Girona

Explore the Jewish Quarter (El Call)

Located in the heart of the old walled city, El Call is where the Jews established in Girona. Stroll through its charming streets and feel the splendour of this Jewish Quarter; it’s one of the best-preserved in the world.

Walk through the same narrow and cobbled lanes people used 500 years ago and discover its courtyards and hidden patios.

🖼 Looking for a souvenir in Girona?

In the Jewish Quarter, there is one of the nicest souvenir shops of the city: Recorda-te’n souvenirs. They have original and lovely of the city and the guy that runs the shop is super friendly!

Feel like you’re in a GoT scene at the Girona Cathedral

You can’t leave Girona without visiting one of the most impressive highlights of this city. Like a stairway to heaven, you have to climb all the Baroque staircases to get to the entrance of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona.

This cathedral was built in a Gothic style except for its western facade, which is in a Baroque style. As a curious fact, the Gothic-style nave of this cathedral is the widest in the world.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, we’re sure you’ll recognise the steps leading up to the Gothic cathedral. It’s where Circe begins her walk of shame from the Grand Sept of Baelor during the show’s sixth season, and where Jaime Lannister confronts the High Sparrow.

Bear in mind that the opening times of the Cathedral are the following:

  • July & August: 10 am to 7:30 pm
  • November to March: 10 am to 5:30 pm
  • Rest of the year: 10 am to 6:30 pm
Game of Thrones Girona

Admire the views from the Onyar River

Girona is the so-called City of the Four Rivers as it’s located at the junction of four different rivers (Galligants, Onyar, Ter and Güell). The river Onyar crosses the city leaving the historic centre at its right bank and the commercial district at its left bank.

The postcard from the various bridges that cross the river, such as Pont de Sant Agustí or Pont de les Peixateres Velles, is picture-perfect.

Girona river

Visit the ancient Arab baths

Immerse yourself in a trip to the past by visiting this construction that dates from the 12th century.

The entrance is 3 €, and the baths are open from 10 am to afternoon depending on the season. Click here for more info.

If you’re a GoT nerd, look carefully at the Arab Baths. Do they look familiar? That’s because Arya fights The Waif there!

Walk across the Eiffel bridge

Just before building the Eiffel tower, Gustav Eiffel constructed the most famous bridge in Girona, also named El Pont de les Peixateries Velles (The old fish shop’s bridge).

The red bridge crosses the Onyar River and it’s for sure the most famous and picturesque bridge in Girona!

Eiffel Bridge Girona
Photo by Thierry Llansades / CC BY-NC-ND

Kiss El cul de la Lleona (Lioness’ ass)

If you see people kissing the ass of a stone lioness, don’t be scared! They’re not crazy; it’s just a popular tradition among visitors to Girona. 

The legend tells that many years ago, there was a hostel in this point called The Lioness Hostel. Whose name was given due to a column in one of the hostel’s walls, which had a lioness. People started touching its butt, and time after time, it became widely popular. 

Visitors to Girona city were told that if they touched the ass, they’d return to the town or never leave it. Nowadays, the action of touching the backside has evolved into kissing it. 

So just in case, be sure you kiss it before leaving; we want you to return again!

Soak up the excellent views from the medieval city walls

Known as Passeig de la Muralla, the ancient walls extend into the eastern part of the old town of Girona. Walking at the top of the walls is a must-do as it offers spectacular views over the city and it’s completely free.

Check out Independence square and enjoy a drink

Plaça de la Independència (Independence Square) is the most famous square in Girona. It’s a busy place all day due to the many restaurants you can find.

We recommend checking out its beautiful architecture, but we wouldn’t sit at any of the bars if you fancy a drink. This place is rather touristy, and there are much better options nearby.

La Malabarista Vermuteria or La Tòria are excellent choices instead. You can enjoy local vermouths and craft beers there and even eat delicious tapas. Also, both are located only 6 min walk from Plaça de la Independència, making it a nice option if you want to take a break from walking and don’t want to venture too far. 

Independencia square Girona
Photo by Teresa Grau Ros / CC BY-SA

Explore Girona with a local

Whenever we go to a new city, we always like to join a guided tour to learn more about its history, curiosities, and how life is there.

We recommend this guided walking tour if you’d like to discover Girona with a local. It lasts 3 hours, and you’ll visit Girona’s most important monuments, learn about its history and legends, and learn more about Girona’s Jewish heritage.

Join a GoT tour around the city

Are you a GoT nerd?

As you might know, Girona was a major filming location for Game of Thrones. Not only the cathedral appears in the show, but many other spots around the city were the backdrop for Game of Thrones.

If you’re looking to explore the filming sites around the city, you can do some research, locate them on a map, and explore them on your own.

Or we have a better (and much more fun!) option.

You can go for this Game of Thrones tour, which you’ll enjoy no matter if you’re a Lannister or Stark fan! The walk lasts 2 hours and takes you to the sites where the 6th season of the show was filmed.

Extra reason to visit Girona: It’s an excellent day trip from Barcelona

The connections from Barcelona are excellent, and you can either reach Girona by car or public transport. 

The fastest way is to go by car, but finding a parking spot near the city centre can be complicated.

That’s why we recommend taking the high-speed AVE train. In just 38 min you can be in Girona, and it drops you off close to the city centre. Check the train schedule here. You can purchase the tickets at the Estació de Sants in Barcelona or online if you want to secure a seat.

The great connections between the two cities makes Girona a great day trip from Barcelona. You can take the train in the morning, explore the city and have lunch there, and be back in Barcelona in time for dinner (which remember that it’s around 9 pm for locals!).

Girona is one of our favourite cities in Catalonia, and we hope you’ve loved visiting it with us! If you’ve tried a new restaurant, enjoyed the sights we’ve mentioned, or found this guide helpful, we’d love to hear from you!

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